General English Course

Aim to review the basic grammar, consolidate and supplement new vocabulary, increase the ability to react quickly in listening and speaking skills for students to help them to maintain a firm grip of basic English knowledge and build the foundation for the preparation of progressing to next stages; for example, TOEIC course, TOEFL course, IETLS course or take the international exams.

These courses also help students enhance listening skills and abilities to understand what someone is saying and answer the questions, be able to write simple sentences; especially, the proficiency to communicate confidently through common communication sentences.

Which values do you gain when you join the General English Course?

– Expand vocabulary resources and oriente to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are necessary to keep a firm grip on English knowledge in daily conversation with native foreigners as well as in professional settings. .
– Access to plenty of useful and interesting skillsets such as communicating and understanding cultures in English-speaking countries, the complementary skills to help develop your mindset and thinking ability by English effectively.

Teaching Method

Students are trained on each specific skills in each lesson, which aim to help students systematically assimilate knowledge. The skills will be interspersed and added in each lesson, which is usually focused on the ultimate goal to support students to be the appropriate and efficient application the skills in basic communication.

During the course, students are enthusiastically guided in the ways to use vocabulary, build sentence structure, and brainstorm the ideas for each communication topic by Vietnamese teachers. In addition, experienced foreign teachers will help students practice the standard of correct pronunciation and make a natural voice with similar characteristics of a native English speaker.